Things have been recklessly busy as of late. I have been moving into my new house and as I was unpacking stuff I came across the first web marketing/web design book I ever bought. I have attached a scanned image of the page on “Announcing your site”. It made me laugh. This was only 8 […]

For the first time in my history of webmastering, Matt admitted in the Q/A at SMX Advanced that there is a level of manual intervention and detection with regards to backlinks. I figured the likes, but its interesting to see he is no longer trying to take a claim of “we are solely algorithmic”…

Apparently, Google doesn’t really care about penalizing sites in their index, whether that is by the page level, or flat out kicking you out of Google, no matter how legit your site is you have a giant target on your back if you are not careful. Over the last year there has been a lot […]

If you are in the Raleigh area, and want to discuss advanced SEO and SEM tactics, I encourage you to come out. I am holding the first of hopefully many more Advanced SEO meetups. We are holding the first session on Wednesday April 16 from 7pm to 9pm at the Carolina Ale House (Brier Creek […]

UPDATE: After further notice it appears to be somewhat algorithmic in nature, and somewhat manual. Some sites I have noticed have gotten completely docked, and some sites have only had penalizations at the page level. Will keep an eye on this as it unfolds. I talked to Matt Cutts, and he explained that if you […]

It appears I have been tagged by Taylor Pratt in a meme. Between starting a new job at Ignite Social Media, buying a townhome, and starting some new client work I have been completely strapped as of late. I have been so busy, the blog has suffered a lot, and I feel this is partially […]

There is more to Social Media than front page Diggs… If you think Social Media is all about getting on the homepage of Digg and only that, then you are wrong. Keep digging, there is a LOT more underneath the surface to be discovered. Most SEO’s get stuck on instantaneous traffic sources. The fact of […]

Andy Beal, reputation management expert and avid blogger has put together what seems to be a great social media monitoring tool called Trackur. It attempts to scour the web and find any and all mentions of the keyphrase you enter. Other tools in this niche are some what far and few between. However there are […]

Drupal in my opinion is the most search engine friendly, out of the box, solution in existence today. However, with that said, there are still some things that need to be done to any installation to ensure search engine success, and save you from issues down the road. Note: Keep in mind many of the […]

Web Analytics is an ever evolving field with many big name players, and plenty of smaller competitors. Deciding what analytics package is the right fit for your site can be a tough process to go through. Prices range from free (Google analytics) all the way in the tens of thousands of dollars per year (Omniture, […]