One great way to pad yourself in todays economy is to diversify your streams of income. A few things off the top of my head that folks are doing right now to do just that… Content Creation SEO implementation Affiliate Marketing / Personal one off side projects 9-5 agency/in house jobs Consulting Coding Everett over […]

Happy new year everyone! I wanted to bring in the new year with a silly post of sorts: 6 outrageous occurrences in life that if happened – would go viral. Video is one of the most prominent ways to get your message out nowadays, and I can say without a doubt if the following scenarios […]

It appears Google is testing ad placements near the bottom of the page. I am seeing them at the bottom solely (when no placement is at the top), as well as when there is an accompanying  placement at the top. It will be very interesting how this one weighs out, and if they institute this […]

So Ubiquity just came out, and I must say this thing is sweet. It is a tech geeks dream. They have only unleashed a handful of operations so far. The sky is the limit with this thing, there will be many command add-ons rolling out in the future, I am sure. If you have no […]

Google Knol recently launched. If you have not started writing articles for it, well then, hurry the heck up before you get passed by all the other folks who understand the need to get an early start. My latest post was on Increasing Conversions, I started off with 68+ tips and tricks to do so […]

Things have been recklessly busy as of late. I have been moving into my new house and as I was unpacking stuff I came across the first web marketing/web design book I ever bought. I have attached a scanned image of the page on “Announcing your site”. It made me laugh. This was only 8 […]

For the first time in my history of webmastering, Matt admitted in the Q/A at SMX Advanced that there is a level of manual intervention and detection with regards to backlinks. I figured the likes, but its interesting to see he is no longer trying to take a claim of “we are solely algorithmic”…

Apparently, Google doesn’t really care about penalizing sites in their index, whether that is by the page level, or flat out kicking you out of Google, no matter how legit your site is you have a giant target on your back if you are not careful. Over the last year there has been a lot […]

If you are in the Raleigh area, and want to discuss advanced SEO and SEM tactics, I encourage you to come out. I am holding the first of hopefully many more Advanced SEO meetups. We are holding the first session on Wednesday April 16 from 7pm to 9pm at the Carolina Ale House (Brier Creek […]

UPDATE: After further notice it appears to be somewhat algorithmic in nature, and somewhat manual. Some sites I have noticed have gotten completely docked, and some sites have only had penalizations at the page level. Will keep an eye on this as it unfolds. I talked to Matt Cutts, and he explained that if you […]