spokeo query Originally uploaded by explainseo Very odd query done in google for “spokeo” Images are usually standalone. This is typically what a video result would look like. Not the case here however. I also find it interesting that there is a 43 sec notation right next to the site description, however, if you refresh […]

photo credit: PPDIGITAL Fitting pic of google and their stock price as of closing on Monday. google has a digg like clone in the experimental stage. Users vote on pages similar to how digg works. Apparently this will only affect personalized search. We know how much google thrives off of data, however, I wouldn’t be […]

MSN’s backlink results are working again with one small modification, you must use a “+” sign in front of the query. Worth noting MSN is better for checking backlinks that use the NOFOLLOW tag than Yahoo. MSN actually shows more results. This is a great post for the folks who have a solid understanding of […]

RE: In response to Andys 500$ competition I follow Andys’ blog rather closely. I have been reading the Pilgrim for close to a year now. I came across his blog while perusing for potential sites that would compete at the time, with an online link management tool that I was building. When I first came […]

Google has decided to mandate that the market cannot promote and do what they wish via selling advertising. They are really walking a thin line. They are now stating that they will penalize your site if you are selling ads that are not nofollowed. Stating that engineers are now manually going through and demoting sites […]

Here is the 2nd addition of the Thank God its Fridays (TGIF) link recap. According to Yahoo is the most fullfilling search engine when compared to Google and MSN. The websidestory study showed MSN at the top. However this study by compete shows Yahoo as #1 with 75% of searches returing a refferal, Google […]

I am going to start something new. I watch a lot of blogs every day, so why not keep track of those posts with a once a week blog post, summing them up? Well see how long this lasts, but here goes. Internet marketing mindmap by Aaron Wall, maps out online marketing in a visual […]

Over the next couple weeks I will be posting my notes from SEOClass. All in all a must see if your looking to pick the brains of some of the most affluent search marketers in the industry. One on one networking, tips, tricks, tools, all reasons why attending SEOclass is worth the 2 grand. Ohh […]

Here is a quick link to discover the links your site might have on Wikipedia. Not that they really matter for search engine benefits, now that they are nofollowed, but still a cool little tool none the less.

Well as we all know, Google likes to play around with serious algorithm changes during the slow summer months. The competitor I mentioned several months back has appeared to have been hit by the link devaluation filter again. Has Google tuned up their filter after receiving paid links via its snitch report; subsequently reinstating it […]