WordPress and Drupal are two of the most popular content management systems being used today. Both CMS’s have their distinct advantages over the other. In this video I talk about the differences in the two and help pinpoint when to use one over the other. Drupal Benefits: It is worth noting and understanding that Drupal […]

In case you have wondered why I do not post many topics on links, it is pretty simple, it’s the bread winner. Link building is the most time consuming part of any optimization campaign and simply spilling all the beans just isn’t an option. However, with that said, I am feeling rather nice today and […]

This is the first of many How to Video’s I am going to be creating throughout the course of 2008. I go into brief detail on how to setup a meta refresh on a intermediary page, thus allowing google analytics to track RSS subscribers, for any blog using feedburner. Please take note in the video […]

I just stumbled on and thought I would give it a whirl. It is a desktop interface that facilitates blog posting on multiple domains. I am a little hesitant it doesn’t give me enough control. You are definitely going to have to know HTML to really make this work. There isn’t a full blown […]

An example of a site that does not need to be buying links: Only a few key industries warrant the purchasing of links and I cannot help but think this is NOT one of them. I could go to town all day about why this site needs to stop spending time with link buying and […]

I have decided to scour the web for a collection of post 2007 PubCon write ups, in case you missed it. Some of these are better then others but each one is worth checking out. Without further ado: […]

spokeo query Originally uploaded by explainseo Very odd query done in google for “spokeo” Images are usually standalone. This is typically what a video result would look like. Not the case here however. I also find it interesting that there is a 43 sec notation right next to the site description, however, if you refresh […]

photo credit: PPDIGITAL Fitting pic of google and their stock price as of closing on Monday. google has a digg like clone in the experimental stage. Users vote on pages similar to how digg works. Apparently this will only affect personalized search. We know how much google thrives off of data, however, I wouldn’t be […]

MSN’s backlink results are working again with one small modification, you must use a “+” sign in front of the query. Worth noting MSN is better for checking backlinks that use the NOFOLLOW tag than Yahoo. MSN actually shows more results. This is a great post for the folks who have a solid understanding of […]

RE: In response to Andys 500$ competition I follow Andys’ blog rather closely. I have been reading the Pilgrim for close to a year now. I came across his blog while perusing for potential sites that would compete at the time, with an online link management tool that I was building. When I first came […]