It appears I have been tagged by Taylor Pratt in a meme. Between starting a new job at Ignite Social Media, buying a townhome, and starting some new client work I have been completely strapped as of late. I have been so busy, the blog has suffered a lot, and I feel this is partially […]

There is more to Social Media than front page Diggs… If you think Social Media is all about getting on the homepage of Digg and only that, then you are wrong. Keep digging, there is a LOT more underneath the surface to be discovered. Most SEO’s get stuck on instantaneous traffic sources. The fact of […]

Andy Beal, reputation management expert and avid blogger has put together what seems to be a great social media monitoring tool called Trackur. It attempts to scour the web and find any and all mentions of the keyphrase you enter. Other tools in this niche are some what far and few between. However there are […]

Drupal in my opinion is the most search engine friendly, out of the box, solution in existence today. However, with that said, there are still some things that need to be done to any installation to ensure search engine success, and save you from issues down the road. Note: Keep in mind many of the […]

Web Analytics is an ever evolving field with many big name players, and plenty of smaller competitors. Deciding what analytics package is the right fit for your site can be a tough process to go through. Prices range from free (Google analytics) all the way in the tens of thousands of dollars per year (Omniture, […]

WordPress and Drupal are two of the most popular content management systems being used today. Both CMS’s have their distinct advantages over the other. In this video I talk about the differences in the two and help pinpoint when to use one over the other. Drupal Benefits: It is worth noting and understanding that Drupal […]

In case you have wondered why I do not post many topics on links, it is pretty simple, it’s the bread winner. Link building is the most time consuming part of any optimization campaign and simply spilling all the beans just isn’t an option. However, with that said, I am feeling rather nice today and […]

This is the first of many How to Video’s I am going to be creating throughout the course of 2008. I go into brief detail on how to setup a meta refresh on a intermediary page, thus allowing google analytics to track RSS subscribers, for any blog using feedburner. Please take note in the video […]

I just stumbled on and thought I would give it a whirl. It is a desktop interface that facilitates blog posting on multiple domains. I am a little hesitant it doesn’t give me enough control. You are definitely going to have to know HTML to really make this work. There isn’t a full blown […]

An example of a site that does not need to be buying links: Only a few key industries warrant the purchasing of links and I cannot help but think this is NOT one of them. I could go to town all day about why this site needs to stop spending time with link buying and […]