5 Ubiquity Command Add-ons Needed by SEO/SMO’s – Now!

So Ubiquity just came out, and I must say this thing is sweet. It is a tech geeks dream. They have only unleashed a handful of operations so far. The sky is the limit with this thing, there will be many command add-ons rolling out in the future, I am sure.

If you have no idea what I am talking about check out the video below:

Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

Blog Writers Ubiquity:

One idea I have so far is an auto inner linking command to alleviate that nasty chore of finding the right page to link to on your site. Imagine if you are typing a blog post in your wysiwyg editor and you need to interlink a phrase. You simply highlight it, and open up Ubiquity via ctrl-space. You type in inner-link and boom. That phrase is linked to the most relevant page on your site. How might this work? Honestly, not sure how the api’s work right now, but if you could get Ubiquity to query site:www.domain.com “highlighted phrase” in Google and return the result as the page to link to then this might just be a time saver.

Link Builders Ubiquity:

This one is a no brainier, but being able to type in link-count, and it takes you to the yahoo site explorer page, defining the number of links for that page. Also, being able to quickly see the total number of links for the domain would be nice.

Social Bookmarkers Ubiquity:

It would be extremely handy if there was a command line prompt for say, bookmark, and it opened up 3 new tabs. They could be something like Digg, Stumble-Upon and Reddit. Each site would have the URL of the page you came from already preloaded, as well as embedded description content if you highlighted text on the old page.

Competitive Analysis Ubiquity:

Lets say you want to do some quick competitive analysis on a specific domain. The newly launched Quarkbase.com is a great place to ping. Open up Ubiquity and query site-stats and off you go to -> http://www.quarkbase.com/show/”site-name”

Jerk-Off Commenter Ubiquity:

Perhaps you find some jack face leaving an abusive low blow comment, and want to find out potentially if they have commented other places across the web. Open up Ubiquity and type in comment-finder “name” and it queries http://www.backtype.com/people?q=lex.

Rob, Aaron, Shady let me know when this is done.