Google Knol Does Know How to Search After All

Google Knol recently launched. If you have not started writing articles for it, well then, hurry the heck up before you get passed by all the other folks who understand the need to get an early start. My latest post was on Increasing Conversions, I started off with 68+ tips and tricks to do so and I fully welcome others to add there thoughts to the article.Now you might have noticed, after writing an article, you could not find it or others. It appeared the “search feature” was not working. The only way to see your article through searching was by being logged in.In fact, a gentlemen for the LA times thought nobody was even writing articles, which obviously was not the case. Turns out it takes “time” for Knols to be searchable, according to a Google representative.Now that we know Google knows how to search, 😉 the remaining question is how well are the articles going to rank? I have a strong feeling these pages are going to rank well. In fact they have already starting do just that.fireshot-capture-_34-how.png


Now I know these are somewhat “long tail terms” but this is a brand new sub domain. It has not been live but for about a week. Give Knol some time to build up backlinks and age and you can start to understand the ramifications of all of this.

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