Google Adwords at the bottom of the SERPS?

It appears Google is testing ad placements near the bottom of the page. I am seeing them at the bottom solely (when no placement is at the top), as well as when there is an accompanying  placement at the top. It will be very interesting how this one weighs out, and if they institute this across the board.

It appears the last time they tested this was back in 05′

Here is a screencast:

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4 thoughts on “Google Adwords at the bottom of the SERPS?”

  1. I’m thinking too much inventory, not enough searches.

    In additional to more ads, they could try throwing in some more universal search results – a little video, maps, and a few other things – then MSN/Live will actually start to look like a good and usable search engine.

  2. @Jon – not enough searches? Umm, they have like 70% market share of the zillion searches that occur each month.

    It’s really about monetization and it’s smart. If someone gets past result #10 and still hasn’t found what they were looking for they may be likely to click an advertisement even if (or especially if) they weren’t likely to do so at the top of the page.

    Brian – nice smooth screencast! Thanks for this.

  3. @Jon

    How long tell they plop these things in the middle of the page as well, along side the news, blog articles and images 😉

    Leaving a couple spots to potentially rank organically.


    My pleasure.

  4. Whether this is a repeated test from 2005 or not, the fact is that it’s happening now. As Brian and I discussed via Twitter DM last night, there’s probably something to the fact that these tests began (for him) in a very late scenario on a Friday.

    As Tim Dineed rightly points out, Google’s serving up zillions of search results. I don’t think inventory is ever an issue. Monetization though always is with the hungry SOBs on Wall Street and in Board Rooms ruining the culture of the company.

    But I digress.

    The testing of this coincides with AdCenter changing up their tests and ad formats too. Nothing more than a coincidence – but maybe there’s some push to get advertisers acclimated to new spots before the holiday season approaches and ad revenues soar through the roof?

    Just a thought for discussion.

    Either way, this is an excellent find and a very smooth screencast. Thanks for your work in putting this together Brian.

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