Are You Telling Google You Are a Brand?

If not, you better fake it tell you make it. Most smaller operations, folks running websites out of their house, do not send the signals to Google that they will be looking for over the next few years as they squeeze out smaller/non branded players. We are seeing an increase in leads just on our Agency front where smaller websites that have long standed rankings/traffic are getting pummeled by recent (last 6 months) in changes to the algorithm.

The latest round of concern comes from the US Govt, and I will emphasize this is hypothetical theory, but if Google is getting pressured by the higher powers to take a closer look at lead gen websites that might be serving nefarious purposes, whats to stop them from turning up the brand dial even more to try and solve this problem in scale?

Just because you feel like you have a solid offering, you are a legitimate business etc, doesnt mean you wont get caught in the fire.

Brand signals are something I will be talking about more and more over time but a few things to consider on that front:

  • Do you have a physical business address tied to your website?
  • Do you have any trademarks registered?
  • Do people talk about you in social? (think social mentions and share of voice here)
  • Are you getting cited by the press in any capacity, and I am not talking about throwing a BS press release through PRWeb?
  • Are people Googling your website name? (brand name)
  • Do people talk about your website in Gmail or other email services?
  • Do you have a verified author associated with your domain?

If your website is brandless at the moment, what are you waiting for, become a brand.