; Announce your site like its 2000! - Where will we be in 8 years?? - Brian Chappell

Announce your site like its 2000! – Where will we be in 8 years??

Things have been recklessly busy as of late. I have been moving into my new house and as I was unpacking stuff I came across the first web marketing/web design book I ever bought. I have attached a scanned image of the page on “Announcing your site”. It made me laugh. This was only 8 years ago.

It is worth noting Google wasn’t even included on the list, funny stuff. Here is the excerpt if you cannot read the image:

“Publicizing your page in the major search services helps Web surfers find your site. You should try and get your page listed in as many search services as possible.

The following table describes how to add your site to several of the popular Web Search services. To list your Web Site in the search service, go to the URL and click the link indicated in the last column of the table.”

  • Altavista
  • Excite
  • InfoSeek
  • Lycos
  • MSN Web Search
  • Yahoo!
  • WhoWhere?

“You can save yourself some time by submitting your Web site to a submission service called Submit It at www.submit-it.com (which is owned by Microsoft now for something completely unrelated). This service can submit your Web site to more than 400 search engines for a modest fee of 59$.”