6 Outrageous Occurrences In Life That Are Guaranteed To Go Viral

Happy new year everyone! I wanted to bring in the new year with a silly post of sorts: 6 outrageous occurrences in life that if happened – would go viral. Video is one of the most prominent ways to get your message out nowadays, and I can say without a doubt if the following scenarios played out, were recorded, and seeded on a site like youtube they would get thousands of views.

Hit by Car

Lets get this started off with a situation where a man stumbles in front of a car and the car pummels over his leg, but the man manages to walk away!

Fall Into Frozen Lake

Your buddies are out horsing around on the ice and accidently fall in.

Endzone Dance Gone Wrong

An endzone dance is a typical occurence in the NFL. Could you imagine a guy doing a move only to faceplant into the ground.

Fall off of Roof

Lets imagine your neighboor is up on he roof blowing leaves off, trips and take a head first dive towards the ground from two stories up. Miraculously he lands on the hood of his care, bracing the impact, and gets up and walks away.

Marriage Proposal Rejection

The day has come, you have prepared your whole life for this. You get the local NBA team to place a message up on the scoreboard asking your loved one to marry you – only to be rejected on national TV.

Cat Survives House Fire

Cats are amazing creatures. In fact so amazing one managed to rescue himself from the blazing house fire that tore through the neighborhood.