Call tracking tends to be one of those things I want to measure across any web operation I am involved in – its generally very integral to moving the bottom line. Whether or not a site depends on the income generated from a fat pipeline of new inbound phone calls I still like to monitor them. CallRail […]

If not, you better fake it tell you make it. Most smaller operations, folks running websites out of their house, do not send the signals to Google that they will be looking for over the next few years as they squeeze out smaller/non branded players. We are seeing an increase in leads just on our […]

Here is a good example worth sharing of how to do SEO right with an app, or as I am defining; a website that has a limited intrinsic use case, something with a narrow focus. In this example (which is very similar to that came out a bit ahead of it) creates well articulated […]

Over the years I have experimented and used a multitude of applications online that facilitate getting things done and making things happen. This post will outline the tools I use on a daily/monthly basis and their associated use case. Some of the tools listed below have multiple use cases, at which point I list them multiple times. One thing I have learned […]

Competition is a good thing. Unfortunately over the years Google has been able to retain absolute worldwide dominance over the Search market. Many updates and changes to their search engine wouldn’t have taken place if there were other players in the market pushing the boundaries in my opinion. Here are a few what ifs that I could […]

If you are not up to speed on domain crowding hop on over here and read up on it, then come back to read through my take. We know the following: Google doesnt make much money off of the long tail Long tail queries and sub 20+ rankings sometimes brings to the surface sites that […]

[dropcap color=”black”]S[/dropcap]omething I have noticed over the last few months and even into late last year is something that gets back to, directionaly, how Google is attacking its algorithm as of recent. [highlight]Google expects sites to showcase brand signals[/highlight] One thing I plan on taking a deeper dive into on my blog in the coming months is this […]

[dropcap color=”black”]G[/dropcap]oogle recently gave webmasters a nifty little feature inside of GWT that allows you to view your Site Crawl health. Its a helpful little feature for any SEO practitioner to at least take a look at. In the past one could associate this data with a proprietary tool or via manual data collections and trending […]

It takes a lot for me to blog nowadays. To say my plate is full is an understatement when combining the lead gen projects I have going on and the Agency job at Ignite. One such article that appeared a few days ago, however, seems to have caused me to break my silence. In fact […]

Seeing a tweet from @jonathanmendez got me thinking a bit this morning. “Don’t be evolutionary. Be revolutionary.” There has never been a time where that is more true. With the Internet it is very easy to get in a routine or a siloed structure of creating things. Marketers are constantly copying others techniques and rehashing […]