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Quality Of information online doesn’t necessarily become sacrificed because of the lack of length and thoroughness – Twitter has proven this. I set this blog up 3 years ago in an attempt to catalog my thoughts and experiences surrounding Internet Marketing. Over the last year, work has taken precedence, no longer am I allotted the time to create content […]

Some people in this world have for one reason or another encountered really bad press for there actions. Google can be a bloody nightmare to disrupt negative press from. In fact its long been rumored that the algorithm tends to favor negative pages (OK not really, I am sure its just a correlation to links) […]

Creating captivating blog posts that get seen by thousands of people really isn’t as complicated as its made out to be. Granted, the execution of successful content distribution is an art in and of itself, however, the factors that cause content to spread many times can be boiled down to a few things. Many times, […]

If you didn’t like Scary SEO then you definitely will not like IM Springbreak. IM Springbreak is going to be held at the same place in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on April 2-4. This is not going to be an exciting event and here are 7 reasons why you don’t want to attend. 1. You will […]

Dapper.net is one of my favorite services for turning content into a form or stream that I can better utilize. It gives you the ability to turn content into the following sources: xml rss html google gadget netvibes module image loop google maps icalendar json csv email xsl yaml Below you will see a demo […]

Here are the results from the survey: Interesting that I am not alone in trying to balance so much. Like I eluded in the other post – the key to all this is balancing your life, staying focused and diversifying your time.

One great way to pad yourself in todays economy is to diversify your streams of income. A few things off the top of my head that folks are doing right now to do just that… Content Creation SEO implementation Affiliate Marketing / Personal one off side projects 9-5 agency/in house jobs Consulting Coding Everett over […]

Happy new year everyone! I wanted to bring in the new year with a silly post of sorts: 6 outrageous occurrences in life that if happened – would go viral. Video is one of the most prominent ways to get your message out nowadays, and I can say without a doubt if the following scenarios […]

It appears Google is testing ad placements near the bottom of the page. I am seeing them at the bottom solely (when no placement is at the top), as well as when there is an accompanying  placement at the top. It will be very interesting how this one weighs out, and if they institute this […]

So Ubiquity just came out, and I must say this thing is sweet. It is a tech geeks dream. They have only unleashed a handful of operations so far. The sky is the limit with this thing, there will be many command add-ons rolling out in the future, I am sure. If you have no […]