TGIF SEO Links : Edition 1

I am going to start something new. I watch a lot of blogs every day, so why not keep track of those posts with a once a week blog post, summing them up? Well see how long this lasts, but here goes.

  • Internet marketing mindmap by Aaron Wall, maps out online marketing in a visual tree. He has great example’s for each niche, and links specific posts that help explain certain sections. Impressive to say the least.
  • Digg ADDS clicks to get the same job done as before. Have these guys heard of usability? I would expect better from a site with the kind of resources Digg has. It is never wise to do a revamp that adds actual page loads to the user process. Duh!
  • Which 4 factors does Rand Fishkin think dominate the equation 90% of the time? Well nothing too surprising here.
    – Keyword Usage & Content Relevance
    – Link juice
    – Anchor Text Weight
    – Domain Authority / Trust
    A good read, with some great comments by the peanut gallery.
  • Yahoo has a new algo update and MSN hops on the universal boat. We’ll see if this actually does anything to their market share over the coming months.