TGIF SEO Links : MSN and Yahoo Updates

Here is the 2nd addition of the Thank God its Fridays (TGIF) link recap.

  • So last week we noticed Yahoo rolling out a “so called” new algo update. A weather update as they call it. This week they roll out a new UI with some other new features along with it. Not sure if people will actually use these things or if this is a lame attempt by them to do something Google isn’t doing. It is also worth noting MSN, wheter announced or not, is seeing a good amount of movement on their end as well.

  • Mark Barrera was the lucky marketing pilgrim reader sent off to SMX local/mobile. He encaptured some notes for the rest of us who wern’t fortunate enough to make it out there. I have paraphrased some short snippets worth noting:
    • Have a ’skip to content’ link near the top.
    • Goog 411 uses top 8 results not top 10
    • Be XHTML compliant
    • Use ‘tel’ tags on phone numbers to enable click to call and make sure to use the full 10 digit number, not a 7 digit number.
    • Use CSS & div tags to put navigation below your content
    • Submit a mobile sitemap
  • Another fine example of the double talk google portrays with the paid link debacle. Its a never ending circle of, increaseing shareholder wealth, and protecting googles bottom line. Please Matt Cutts, don’t try to muddy the watters with keeping down the “biggest pocketbook” jibberish.