Well as we all know, Google likes to play around with serious algorithm changes during the slow summer months. The competitor I mentioned several months back has appeared to have been hit by the link devaluation filter again. Has Google tuned up their filter after receiving paid links via its snitch report; subsequently reinstating it […]

Andy has put together a massive collection of articles that he has received over the last couple years, via his SEM scholarship contest. The internet marketing book is a lengthy 150+ page ebook, in full form, free to download. I’ll admit it’s a lot to take in in one or even 20 sittings, but the […]

Enter in the following into Google to find your supplemental pages: site:www. *** -sljktf UPDATE: Google has since removed this query from its arsenal. It no longer works. It is a sad day for webmasters every where.

Another BOTW promo code has been released. Submit your site to their directory and receive 20% off your submission total. BEACHBUM This promo code is good until the end of June 2007. To use this code, click here and visit BOTW and enter the promo code during check out.

BBB Seal – The Better Business Bureau has been around for a long time. If you have not registered with them then it is highly advisable to look into it. Rates vary, but overall it is pretty inexpensive. This is a common logo that many web goers look for when purchasing online. Contact your local […]

With the latest Google revamp, SEO’s are going to have to find ways to keep their clients on the first page. The days of competing via only contextual listings are gone. Now that video, news, and maps are thrown in the mix, space is at a premium! Only time will tell how cluttered the pages […]

This is a hard post to write, I will admit. My Alma matter Virginia Tech has grieved the loss of many, and has come together like I knew it would. The most pristine, wonderful place on the face of the planet saw the unthinkable happen. I have never been more proud to have gone to […]

I watch a niche every single day. I have been following a competitor’s ranking for close to 2 years now. We know Google is proactively devaluing links that they feel are solely there to manipulate the engines. From what I see if you purchase links the right way you are ok, I mean you have to be really dumb about your tactics if you keep the links purchases to only

Andy Beal initiated a post over at marketing pilgrim asking his audience if they thought Google would be the next Microsoft. There are some good responses so far but one gentlemen in particular thought that Google is headed down that same road. I really don’t see the similarity other then the sole fact that they both dominate what they do. To me that isn’t enough however to say Google IS

In an attempt to help thwart spyware/malware sites from harming users Google has implemented a feature where they warn the user of such a thing. Check out the screen shot below to see it in action.