Google gets outed as selling links, Mashable is wrong, and Sphinn needs a better 404 page – TGIF SEO Links

  • An example of a site that does not need to be buying links:
    • Only a few key industries warrant the purchasing of links and I cannot help but think this is NOT one of them. I could go to town all day about why this site needs to stop spending time with link buying and work on site content, structure, and basic on page tactics.
  • This just might be the best job posting EVAR and this might be one of the worst. When the company wants you to do everything, and asks you to have expierence with the google toolbar, it might be a sign it’s not where you want to be.
  • Google gets outed for selling pagerank, then blocks it. Thanks Matt ๐Ÿ˜‰
    • Matt Cutts quoted – “Hey, just to avoid even the appearance of problem, we added a redirect to these links through a robot.txt’ed page so that these links don’t pass PageRank.”
  • Mashable is wrong, again ! Little trigger happy with their posts as of late. They covered the new look of google analytics, stating basically that there is a new built in report that allows users to have side by side stats of their competition and compare it to their site (similar to ). Well they were wrong, its a site only comparison. They inevitably got called out (I initially posted on mpilgrim they were wrong), then removed the statements from the original post on their site, and didn’t even acknowledge it. Tsk tsk. If you want to be found as a credible source Mashable, then don’t post incorrect information. Did they actually think google would let you do that??!
  • Sphinn should probably work on their 404 page don’t yah think? I dunno maybe something crazy like the email address to send the error reports to??!!

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7 thoughts on “Google gets outed as selling links, Mashable is wrong, and Sphinn needs a better 404 page – TGIF SEO Links”

  1. Mashable does a lot of annoying things actually. I think they occasionally have factual errors because they rely on freelancers so much to write their content and then evidently don’t check it. But way to behave like a respectable “news site” mashable by pretending a mistake didn’t happen. You know, Brian, that part of your article is a story in itself. Very link-baitable. Many people have been unhappy with Mashable’s review of their site.

  2. Yea, Jack Rack, you are write. I could have built out a nice story just on that alone. I caught it basically as it was happening. Pretty unacceptable IMHO to not even portray the fact that they were wrong.

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