Google is selling links, Joe Palladino is a crook, and T. Malicoat and Aaron Wall are making a fortune – TGIF SEO Links

Rusty Chain
Creative Commons License photo credit: PPDIGITAL

  • Fitting pic of google and their stock price as of closing on Monday.
  • google has a digg like clone in the experimental stage. Users vote on pages similar to how digg works. Apparently this will only affect personalized search. We know how much google thrives off of data, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if this data works its way into the algo’s in some form or fashion down the road.
  • This jack face gives a bad name to all the seo’s in the world
  • google is STILL selling links on this page, buy a google mini, get a link. WTF is the difference in this and buying real estate on a page, on a site, that is absolutely RELEVANT, to your site?! Hypocrits, I assumed they would have nofollowed those links by now. Especially after all the hoopla lately.
  • What kind of pay do top notch SEOS get in this industry? Check out what it costs to get T Malicoat, Aaron Wall and Scott Smith on your side.