Last but not least, why do I read the Pilgrim

RE: In response to Andys 500$ competition

I follow Andys’ blog rather closely. I have been reading the Pilgrim for close to a year now. I came across his blog while perusing for potential sites that would compete at the time, with an online link management tool that I was building.

When I first came across it, it came across as shear quality. His articles were short, and to the point. I have never been a big fan of “book” style posts. I do not have the attention span to read over 1000 words of copy at any one time, while browsing the net.

Andy does a great job of keeping his content very fresh with the latest trends and occurrences in the Internet Marketing world.

Andy inspires me as a blogger mainly because he is creative. He knows how to really think outside the box. Hell, look at this contest for example. 500 bucks and he is getting 40+ links, as well as coverage on a ton of blogs.