There is more to Social Media than Sexy Buzzwords

There is more to Social Media than front page Diggs…

more to social media

If you think Social Media is all about getting on the homepage of Digg and only that, then you are wrong. Keep digging, there is a LOT more underneath the surface to be discovered. Most SEO’s get stuck on instantaneous traffic sources. The fact of the matter is that you need to take a holistic approach when implementing tactics in todays market for clients.

If you sell Social Media as a service on your SEO consulting site, you better be able to back it up with other tangible explanations vs. simply submitting content through power accounts, getting traffic (that wont convert for crap) and obtaining 25 backlinks from the linkerati and calling it Social Media.

There is more to reputation monitoring than subscribing to RSS feeds and other glorified RSS reader tools…

This space is growing as rapidly as any right now. Simply typing in a brand term and seeing results that come up from the major engines, blogs and websites just does not give you the whole picture. Aside from your key terms and brands you are monitoring, are you looking into trends around that phrase, are you looking into key influencers that you want to put on your radar around that term? There is no one solution here atm that does it all. However, understanding there is more to Reputation Management then exact match keyphrase monitoring, will help you going forward.

There is more to Social Media than Facebook and MySpace…

Facebook and MySapce to a degree got this all started. It really got marketers thinking about engagement beyond one sided conversations, and how to use it for business, outside of the daily personal ongoings that Facebook and MySpace facilitated. In reality that is exactly what Social Media is, leveraging two sided conversations in any form or fashion possible.

With all that said, I have decided to make a move. 3 years of in house, hyper competitive SEO poo slinging with theMadHat has taught me a lot (personal side note: look who’s ahead, your shady link tactics have been foiled! 😉 ). However, as of late things have started to get dull. Learning and connecting is the name of the game at this point so Ignite Social Media made sense. I am really looking forward to building out my Social Media skills and knowledge base over the coming years. I think Ignite Social Media Agency is a great place, and is going to be doing some fantastic things in the space. Keep an eye out.

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Brian Chappell

I sold my Moz recommended Search Agency in 2016 so I could prepare for the next big thing. I consult a select few and am continuing to grow my side projects into stable businesses. If you are curious about partnering, contact me

6 thoughts on “There is more to Social Media than Sexy Buzzwords”

  1. Hey congrats on scoring the gig! I digs and am jealous, so mission:accomplished if that’s what you were going for.

    What? Oh. Right. You might’ve had other motivations, I’m cool with that.

    Fer serious, good on ya.

  2. You raised/hinted at an awesome point here Brian. Reputation management is nice and all, but it’s only used atm as a maintenance/protection tool – no one’s using it for developing your reputation and brand. Any ideas on doing that? Hit me up on msn :).

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