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Trackur Review – Is it worth it?

trackur logoAndy Beal, reputation management expert and avid blogger has put together what seems to be a great social media monitoring tool called Trackur. It attempts to scour the web and find any and all mentions of the keyphrase you enter.

Other tools in this niche are some what far and few between. However there are a few tools already in existence, such as:


There are several pricing models and options offered by Trackur:

  • Trackur Standard
    1 saved search
    Email and RSS reports
    Updates every 12 hours
  • Trackur Pro
    5 saved searches
    Email and RSS reports
    Updates/ 6 Hours
  • Trackur Enterprise
    15 saved searches
    Email and RSS reports
    Updates/ 1 Hour

Is Trackur.com worth it?

It is hard to tell off the bat how thorough of a job the tools does at finding every single mention for a specific phrase. However, at first glance it seems to do a solid job. It scours technorati, blogs, flickr, the interweb and apparently video’s (guessing via the tagging system) as well as other sources.

What will make or break this tool in my eyes is the effectiveness and thoroughness of searching the web. I definitely sense the need for a tool that can do a good job of the aforementioned. One thing that stands out to me initially is the tool is very user friendly. It is simple and easy to use. You can quickly find the information your are looking for and can utilize a “saving” mechanism to come back to searches you have done in the past. Furthermore, you can subscribe to your searches via email alerts and RSS feeds, which is handy.

Get ready to open up the pocketbook if you plan to sign up with Trackur. The pricing model definitely seems aimed at businesses. If you do not have the means to large amounts of dispensable income then you will probably not be able to afford this tool. I can somewhat understand this because I am sure the tool is an absolute resource intensive hog. However, I would love to see a cheaper option for Trackur.com that allows individuals like myself to have access to the tool without breaking the bank account.

All in all, this tool looks promising. I am looking forward to seeing how the tool grows and will be updating this post as more details become available.

What are your initial thoughts on Trackur?