8 things you didn’t really care to know about Brian Chappell


It appears I have been tagged by Taylor Pratt in a meme. Between starting a new job at Ignite Social Media, buying a townhome, and starting some new client work I haveaggravated.png been completely strapped as of late. I have been so busy, the blog has suffered a lot, and I feel this is partially why Talyor tagged me!!

Anyways, I know everyone out there has always been itching to know all about Brian Chappell, well not really 😉 Here are 8 off the wall things you might not have known about me:

  • I scored 11 goals in my first soccer game I ever played in at the age of 5.
  • I went to Virginia Tech for undergrad. GO HOKIES!
  • I am an Armin Van Burren fanatic, and have been ever since I came across DI.FM about 2 years ago.
  • I love to ride my mtn. bike and hike. Cary is a great town with many hidden trails and parks around. I just discovered this route the other day.
  • I don’t like to follow the crowd, creating my own path is so much more exciting!
  • I proposed to my Fiancé over winter break last year at the top of the London Eye.
  • I am predicting my eyesight will be gone in under 5 years due to the fact I look at a computer monitor from 9am – 1am, 5 days a week.
  • I eat Spicey, Smokey, Peach Salsa from Trader Joes every single day.

I tried to track the beginning of this meme and failed miserably. I am sure it goes back very far, way into 2007.

With that said, I have decided to single handedly put an end to this meme trail. This is the end of the line, no one else is getting tagged. 🙂