Stop Being Lazy With Your Content Creative

Seeing a tweet from @jonathanmendez got me thinking a bit this morning. “Don’t be evolutionary. Be revolutionary.” There has never been a time where that is more true. With the Internet it is very easy to get in a routine or a siloed structure of creating things. Marketers are constantly copying others techniques and rehashing them. This does no one any good.

Take for example a blog post (if you want to call it that) created by Iampaddy.

I would be willing to bet you a pretty penny that if Mr. Paddy created this same topic in a blog post, with no images, on a stock wordpress install this would have gotten no coverage what so ever. Instead, this piece trended on Twitter (that’s a ton of sharing), and will undoubtedly get passed around for the next few days and could even find itself front paging DIGG or REDDIT.

The unique nature and creative aspect of this example brings real world perspective to the saying “Don’t be evolutionary. Be revolutionary.”

How are you thinking outside of the box with your content?