7 Reasons Not To Go To IM Springbreak – The Potential SEO Conference Of The Year

If you didn’t like Scary SEO then you definitely will not like IM Springbreak. IM Springbreak is going to be held at the same place in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on April 2-4. This is not going to be an exciting event and here are 7 reasons why you don’t want to attend.

1. You will realize that Dave Snyder is actually not a human and is a bear. dave-bear-snyder.png

2. You own 456,000,000$ worth of domain names. You don’t need to try in life anymore – it is effectively game over. Therefore attending the conference and learning a ton is not priority.

3.  You have to listen to me speak about things that don’t get regurgitated in the blogosphere.

4.  You get nervous when getting ridiculously unique, great answers about your current internet marketing initiatives, from A list experts that would never give you the light of day at a large impersonal conference.

5.  You are allergic to fun.

6. Because you think the bacon explosion on your computer screen will taste better by licking the screen than in person eating it from the creator himself, TheMadHat.

7. You enjoy spending 2,455$ to attend large conferences, and frankly having to spend 500$ to see
Chris Winfield – Kenny Hyder – Greg Finn – Brent Csutoras – Reg Saddler – Todd Mailcoat – Neal Rodriguez  – Li Evans – Jeff Quipp – Brian Chappell  – Carolyn Shelby – Wil Reynolds – Rhea Drysdale – Steve Plunkett – Rae Hoffman – Michael Streko – Aaron Chronister – Frank Watson  – Brandy Eddings – David Szetela – Chris Hart – Pamela Lund and  Tony Adam irritates you.

With that said I definitely do not want to see the following people at the event. Whatever you do guys – do not show up!

Martin Bowling
Scott Hendison
Joanna Lord
Taylor Pratt
Ben Cook aka Skittzo
Pat Sexton
Dave Rohrer
Scott Clark
Kid Disco
Dan Zarella
Kate Morris
Lisa Barone
Eric Lander
Rick Galan
Nick Andron
Dan Perry
DJ Litten

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