Tool Review: – Competitive Search and Analytical Tool

Good friend and fellow code magician SEOcracy has come out with what appears to be a pretty helpful and usable search analysis tool. The site joins a crowded space of search analysis tools such as google analytics, google ad planner, yahoo site explorer, semrush, alexa and compete. Although doesn’t crawl and analyze sites itself it taps into API’s to compile its data.

From what I have seen so far this tool looks very comparable to google ad planner. The key difference is it attempts to show website analytics based more around search ranking metrics, such as backlink and indexed page counts, than actual traffic levels (although that looks like it might be coming later).

One can peruse through the codex iteration of the tool here:

You will find multiple verticals that allow one to quickly assess the competitiveness or lack of competiveness in each vertical (denoted by backlink count and index page count, albeit not the best metrics, gives you an idea none the less). I will enjoy seeing each category built out.

You Can Already Access All These Sites Metrics Elsewhere

You can in fact access all of these metrics with tools like yahoo site explorer, majestic seo, raven seo, link explorer, google ad planner etc. However, the shear speed at which one can compare the different sites is what sets apart this tool.