CallRail Review – Are You Tracking Your Calls?

Call tracking tends to be one of those things I want to measure across any web operation I am involved in – its generally very integral to moving the bottom line. Whether or not a site depends on the income generated from a fat pipeline of new inbound phone calls I still like to monitor them. CallRail gives me a great base foundation to build out and monitor call activity with. With features like the ability to record calls, take notes on callers, monitor geographic regions that are generating the most interest as well as a myriad of other features that I go into further detail below.

Call Rail Review – Behind the scenes:

CallRail sits on top of the Twilio stack so you know the backbone of the SaaS is rock solid. Twilio is a very large, dominant player in the industry that offers vendors the affordability over the traditional, expensive Call routing provider. The benefit you get with CallRail instead of simply setting up a Twilio account is that you get Dashboards and customizations to reporting that you wouldn’t be able to generate without hiring a developer. They even recently added Webhooks so you can better optimize calls in the CRM process.


You can get off the ground with 10 local, unique, numbers with 500 minutes of call time for 30/month. Price plans go up from there as you scale your operations.

Ease of Setup:

I find CallRail to be relatively easy to setup. They even have a WordPress plugin so things are pretty simple to setup for the average webmaster who doesn’t like to fuss with PHP code and FTP.

Some of my favorite features in no particular order:

  • Whitelabel abilities
  • API
  • Live Call Notifications
  • Dynamic Phone numbers that auto-rotate depending what source the user came from (keep tabs on whether PPC vs Organic is converting the best) This technique is also SEO friendly as you use only one number on your whole site for monitoring which keeps your local citation consistent and clean for optimal SEO success.
  • Call recording and playback
  • Fallback Number- After X seconds of ringing your primary phone number (and simulcalls, if configured), dial your selected fallback number.
  • Greetings – Greetings are played to the caller at the beginning of the call, before trying to dial the business. Greetings can be free-form text, or pre-recorded audio files.
  • Call Notification Emails
  • Reports that catalog calls by hour, calls by day of week, calls from repeat callers vs. first time callers. This is great business intelligence and makes the tool worth it just for it.