SEO Is Rare With Web App Startups

Here is a good example worth sharing of how to do SEO right with an app, or as I am defining; a website that has a limited intrinsic use case, something with a narrow focus. In this example (which is very similar to that came out a bit ahead of it) creates well articulated pages that bring in new customers.

Most folks would stop at head terms in the optimization process or not even have any SEO play at all. Typically you see app sites that are very small, what I would call brochure websites that might only be 20~ pages. You are leaving lots on the table that way. Zapier has thousands of pages on its site that are crafted in a way that solves peoples problems.

There is a treasure trove of keyword combinations this site targets and is doing effectively.

People increasingly use Search Engines to help them solve problems, you kind of expect it in today’s age. Many webmasters are looking for ways to connect things together and by creating combinations of ‘App name’ to ‘App name’ (even if Zapier doesn’t have the module built) will help people learn about them. Bonus brownie points for building a CTA that executes drip email campaigns once the module is created bringing users back.

Thinking about building a tightly focused app site? Leverage SEO and reap the rewards without leaving money on the table, which many vested App startups do.