7 Quick ways to Increase Conversions

BBB Seal –

The Better Business Bureau has been around for a long time. If you have not registered with them then it is highly advisable to look into it. Rates vary, but overall it is pretty inexpensive. This is a common logo that many web goers look for when purchasing online. Contact your local BBB for more info.

SSL Seal –

Examples of this are Verisign, and Equifax (now known as Geotrust). Both companies offer a seal that shows your company is using Secure Socket Layers. SSL is a cryptographic protocol which provides secure communications on the web for such things as email, and order placement as well as a pleura of other data transfers. Critical for any legitimate ebusiness.

100% Guarantees –

This is typically marketing speak that helps reassure to the user that you stand behind what you sell. This sort of thing can vary from company to company, but helps instill confidence in the buyer.

Testimonials –

Common sense here really. Having testimonials quickly lets users know that your site is for real, and puts real experiences out in the open for all to see.

Placing all of the above, above the fold –

I would highly recommend placing the aforementioned bullets, above the fold for best results, especially the BBB and SSL seals. This kind of small tweak can make an impact on the bottom line

Privacy Policy –

Most sites have them, but some do not link them site wide. If you have not placed this site wide, then I would recommend doing so. The privacy policy is just another tactic to reassure your authority to the user.

Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails –

This is a tactic most folks overlook. Acquiring an email beforehand will help facilitate communication after a cart is abandoned. You would be surprised how many folks will come back and order, after they have left the cart. Getting your face in front of them one more time shortly after they have abandoned the cart can really increase sales.