Waterfall Content Consumption, a Year On

I was using social media when the only option was Waterfall, you would see your friends in real time and that was it. If you missed it, you missed it. Move on with your day.

Now, you can’t miss it. The algorithms ensure you don’t, and that’s where the problems arise. Audience growth in a waterfall world, is, shall we say, different. When there is no algorithm, you must get out and actually converse and engage to build your following.

In an algorithm-fed world, you can sit back and be witty/funny/confrontational and create an audience.

I’ve really enjoyed pulling back from Algorithmic fed services like FB, TokTik, Twitter, ChatSnap and instead using Mastodon as an alternative for content consumption, a way of the past, but, also present and future as they add new capabilities to follow websites in that same feed. I am long on slow news and society checking their digital habits.