Sample client report via Jim

Noticed a post today by Jim Boykin that had a great article on some of his client interaction. It put into perspective how important detailed reports are when instructing your client of where there money is being spent, and the effects of the campaign. The better they are, the more willing the client is to increase or prolong the relationship.

Thanks for sharing this Jim. Click here for the example report.

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Google keeps rolling out new features

Google has rolled out many new features to there organic SERPS. Recently they added “Searches related to” at the bottom of vauge search queries, now they have taken it one step further by integrating there Blog posts search within the main index. It can be found at the bottom, right underneath the main listings as well. See below for the screenshot:

Blog Posts About

Stop Wasting Your Money with Over Priced SEO Agencies

Hi my name is Brian Chappell.

I am a seasoned Search veteran you need on your team. You have either tried to hire an SEO in house (and realized the talent pool is quite lacking in your local demographic) or have worked with an out of house SEO agency who was supposed to get a lot done because they brought a big team to the picture.

I am opening up my client list to the next 3 clients I pick up before the end of the year. I am charging $2,000/month to be your hands on consultant.

I like to empower companies to hire highly-specialized service providers (the creators of the world) when possible and to not be afraid to tackle most of the marketing in-house.

If you are not creating documented change to your overall websites layout and content experience on a WEEKLY basis then you are failing and falling behind in today’s market.

  • I have documented experience with E-Commerce and B2B lead generation fields. I took to 20,000,000 ARR before being sold in 2008 as the sole acting marketer at the time.
  • I helped grow Ignite Social Media from 3 employees to over 100.
  • I have taken a small, no name healthcare supply dealer in Ohio from 2,000,000 to 18,000,000 and built a brand with industry klout since 2008.
  • I created, started and sold my last SEO Agency and had clients with 15:1 documented ROI.

Adding Brian Chappell to your core marketing team is like adding the very best an outside Agency has to offer, without the heavy price tag.

Let me empower, teach and help drive your marketing strategy. Since I have built and sold teams in the past I have a very keen understanding of what it takes to compete online.

Hiring Brian Chappell is like dropping oil into the engine, or in some cases like hiring Tesla to build your first electric car if you are Mazda. You have the chance to bring, credible, C-Suite communication prowess with street level, bootstrapped, affiliate marketing and serial entrepreneur guidance into your company.

Once my spots are taken I am not looking for new work and this opportunity will pass. Its up to you now, should we talk?