Marketing Yourself in 2024: Who is Your Fit?

Enter: Client Fit

Barry Mitsch, a mentor, once advised me to define my ideal client. This concept was new to me as an agency owner but proved invaluable.

The idea is simple: attract clients you want to work with by being clear about who those clients are.

Not every client is the right fit. Some may seem promising but turn out to be problematic.

It’sClient Fit graphic important to work with clients who align with your goals and values.

To improve communication and attract the right clients, I’ve created a Client ‘Fit’ page on my website. This page outlines the types of clients I’m looking to work with.

Inspiration came from others like Peter Hagen, Louis Barclay, and Derek Sivers, who champion the importance of a purpose-driven web presence.

The ‘Client Fit’ page is straightforward: it’s an invitation to potential clients who match my criteria, aiming to foster better partnerships.

This initiative is about efficiency and alignment, ensuring we work on mutually beneficial projects.