Hi, my name is Brian Chappell, and I am a fractional CMO for hire.

I’ve been leading online marketing teams for over 20 years with experience in the following areas;

  • Content Marketing/PR/Link Development
  • Lead Generation
  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Software/Product
  • Sports/Entertainment

Want to work with me? See my client fit below. I built a simple flowchart to best understand how I work.

What size of a business do you work/operate with? -> Small   -> Large

What Vertical are you in? -> Healthcare -> Everything Else

I want someone tracking my competitors and sending me reports? -> Rival Track

PromoteMed – Patient-Focused Marketing

Category: Online Marketing for Healthcare
Services: SEO, PPC, Design and Development, Reputation Management
Organization: PromoteMed

Potential Client feedback can be found below. These are the types of sites we at PromoteMed work well with.

vscStillwater Vet – Stillwater, Oklahoma

  1. Create keyword-focused landing pages to better match how users search for ‘near me’ keywords.
  2. Include better CTA’s in key areas, promoting actions that support business outcomes.
  3. Create trending/seasonal content with deals and offers for upgrades.
  4. Run targeted landing pages through PPC to drive better conversion performance than the main website.

theVets – National Vet Service

  1. Better pull users down the funnel with custom CTA’s – lots of internal linking but not enough to bring customers to Vet services through their booking survey even though they have a lot of traffic from their content marketing initiatives.
    1. Ex:

Cynthia Gregg MD / Face and Body Specialist

  1. Don’t create pages linked from the Nav that are blank, it creates really bad UX and lowers prospects’ trust with your business.
  2. Double down on the specials page and integrate it into a monthly newsletter that links back to this page. Customers and prospects can get involved with your business on your terms at introductory prices.

Rival Track / Competitor Monitoring as a Service

Category: Online Marketing for Competitive Markets
Services: Competitor Monitoring as a Service
Organization: RivalTrack

BullionMax TOP Report Example

Tracked: HeroBullion, APMEX, JM Bullion

Fractional CMO – Brian Chappell

Category: Director of Marketing, CMO, Director of Product Marketing
Services: Full-stack technical marketing and creative development, team leader. Reports to the CEO.

See resume, if interested rates vary depending on hourly expectations.

Current Status: Accepting Offers