I am very proud of the businesses I have had the benefit of working with over the years. Here is a sampling of growth oriented movement I have made.

Founder of a MOZ recommended agency which later split to form Adapt Partners. Adapt Partners was sold in 2016 after taking the company to 80k/MRR (2012-2016)


Founded and managed a six-figure yearly grossing lead generation firm. Built relationships with OEMs and developed competitive service packages for cosmetic market (2010 – Present)


Designed and implemented SEO, PPC, Content, Branding and Email strategy as well as managing Website presence for lead generation firm resulting in direct increase of annual gross revenues by 500%  (2008 – Present)

Designed and implemented SEO strategy for major e-commerce player resulting in a direct increase of annual gross revenues by 300% leading to an acquisition 3 years later (2005-2008)